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Why use REBOL?

I'm not a REBOL evangelist. But I see two major reasons for using REBOL with Erlang.

1.  Like Erlang, it is cross-platform.  Write once, use anywhere.

2.  Making (and changing) windows is easy. Here's an example is from the REBOL cookbook:

This is all the code needed to create the window at the bottom of this page.  You can test it in REBOL/view (after pasting in this code, type view the-form).  If you don't like the gradient color background, just comment out the last line with a semi-colon,

    the-form: layout [
across space 2x8
style label vtext bold 100x24 middle right
style bar box 306x3 edge [size: 1x1 color: water effect: 'bevel]
backcolor water

vh2 300 center "Example Input Form" return
bar return

label "Full Name" f1: field 200 return
pad 120 c1: check vtext "Programmer" bold return
pad 120 c2: check vtext "Operator" bold return
label "Email Address" f2: field return
label "Phone Number" f3: field return
label "Your Comments" f4: area wrap 200x100 return

bar return
pad 40 space 100
btn-enter 60 "Submit" [
unview/only the-form
btn-cancel 60 "Close" [unview/only the-form]
the-form/effect: [gradient 0x1]

sample form


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