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Copyright (c) 2008, Doug Edmunds

Running the Demo

Demo startup instructions

You will need Erlang and REBOL. (Links are in the menu). 

Step 1. Start the Erlang server

> c(erlbol). 
> erlbol:start().

Step 2. Run REBOL client

 If you are using Windows, try one of these:

    a. If .r files are associated with REBOL, click on erlbol_1.r to run it.
    b. Or, from a command prompt, start REBOL with erlbol_1.r as a parameter
    c. Or, start REBOL/view (rebview.exe) then in the console, type: do %erlbol_1.r

If you are using some other platform, read the REBOL docs for how to start a script

The Erlang demo code creates parallel servers.  You can run multiple REBOL clients off the same server simultaneously.
Step 3.  Read the documents

There are a handful of short docs listed in the menu. They will give you an idea of the concepts at work to tie the programs together.

Step 4. Try the modification files

Look at the Making Modifications page and download the two modified code files.  Compare those files to the base files.  Only minor tweaking of the code is required to add new Erlang functions.


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