MIT license

Copyright (c) 2008, Doug Edmunds

Minimal framework

Erllbol without demo details

Framework files

In the downloads are two files, erlbol_framework.erl and  erlbol_framework.r.  I have removed most of the demo-related details from them.  If you understand how the demos work, you can use these models to kick-start connecting erlbol to your own functions.

Server code in the framework

You can make your own server-client relationship, if you don't want to use the design in the framework.

Erlbol, the function

The part of the code that is 'erlbol' is the erlbol/1 function.  You will have to modify it to work with your code, but the only place you should have to modify is adding to the case statement.  I strongly suggest you add at the point just before "Other ->", and always leave "Other -> " as the last entry in the case statement.  If you try to add your module information after "Other ->", you may get a compiler warning.  Read the Erlang docs about case statements and pattern matching if you can't figure out how or where to insert the erlbol connection to your code.


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