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The demo is purposely very simple.  At the bottom of this page are examples which use the same erlbol.erl server, showing how a clickable list could be used.

The REBOL gui (erbol.r):

rebol  gui

A little tweaking of the window area (erlbol_a.r): 

minor tweaking

Feedback coming to the server (erlbol.erl):

erlang server console

Error message:  Note: the text is a misleading. If Erlang is not open or has crashed or if there is a problem with your REBOL code, then this screen comes up:

error screen

With just a few changes to the window code.

With list and button

Using a list and button


List without buttons

(Download these demos: erlbol_list1.r and erlbol_list2.r)

Adding a new function (Reverse a string). See the Making Modifications page.

Adding a function



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